Farm Insure works closely with ACC on behalf of their business clients.

If you are self employed or a business owner you have to pay ACC levies.

Most people think that because they pay their ACC levies, they will be covered if they have an accident. Depending on your business and ACC structure this might not be the case. Many business people do not know what will happen to them or their business, especially in the event of an illness as you are not covered under ACC.

Farm Insure will help by offering an assessment where we gather information about your current situation and needs. We understand not everyone is the same, therefore, we tailor our advice to suit your needs. As part of the information we gather we will ask about your ACC levies that you are currently paying.

Farm Insure will assess your situation and work out a solution optimised for your business and personal needs.

Our goal at Farm Insure is to help you save money, while ensuring that your ACC and insurance needs are fully covered in the event of an accident or illness.

If you are self employed or a business owner we recommend that you talk to us as we have a successful track record and have saved many thousands of dollars for clients over the years!